Introducing Star Quality Resources®, an online, on-demand professional development for teachers.

The program consists of 12 workshops, each covering core subjects and courses in high school. For English and Math, not only are the courses aligned with the TEKS, but also with the Common Core State Standards. For each course in a given subject, there are 24 instructional videos, which include not only content information aligned with the EOC reporting categories and TEKS, but also proven strategies that teachers may use with their students. Every reporting category in the series includes a video reviewing sample multiple-choice problems. Within a “click” are ancillary materials that include Teacher Notes, a Student Galaxy of “Think Sheets,” and Multiple-Choice exercises that emulate the actual exams. Texas Master teachers, with proven and recognized success, author and present these workshops in an interactive multimedia/video format.

Teachers may view and review the Star Quality workshops as they plan, prepare, and pace their course’s scope and sequence. The presentations are designed for teachers, yet student-centered, offering strategic approaches to teaching specific skills and concepts. Sonic Foundry recommends the following system requirements for the best presentation viewing experience with Mediasite Player on Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Mac® OS, Linux® as well as iPad® , iPhone®/iPod®, Android™, and BlackBerry® mobile devices.

Teacher and Administrator Benefits

  • Created and Presented by Master Teachers
  • No Lost Instructional Time
  • No Travel Costs
  • No Substitute Costs
  • Optional Administrative Tool to be Able to Extend Professional Development Credit (monitors by time and content)
  • A Tool Designed to Develop or Foster Master Teachers
  • Quality, Relevant Professional Development
  • Q&A Section for OnDemand Assistance
  • Focused on TEKS and Arranged by EOC Readiness/Supporting Standards
  • Convenient to Teacher Schedules
  • Content and Strategies for New Teachers
  • New Instructional Tools for Veteran Teachers
  • Quick and Easy Online Access from School or Home
  • Relevant to Specific Subject/Course – No More Long Days of Generic Workshops
  • Viewable on Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Mac® OS, Linux® as well as iPad® , iPhone®/iPod®, Android™, and BlackBerry® mobile devices.


Developed by The Center for Educational ReVision (“CerV”), a Texas 501(c)3, CerV exists to provide innovative professional development to teachers. Star Quality Resources is the organization’s latest development designed to meet the expectations and the challenges of the EOC.

It’s easy to subscribe—simply determine how many teachers need access to the professional development, and we’ll deliver the rest.

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STAAR® is a registered trademark and service mark owned by the Texas Education Agency.