Algebra 1

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Algebra 1 Workshops
Teachers Notes for Algebra 1
Teachers Notes - Table of Contents
Teachers Notes for Algebra 1
Sample of Mulitple Choice
Sample Galaxy Page

Approved by TEA for 15 hours of CPE Credit, this set of 24 twenty-minute workshops provides teachers with media-rich resources to assist them in preparing their students for success for the objectives and readiness standards tied to Algebra 1. Each of the five reporting categories contains:

  • TEKS-specific content videos;
    • Instructional strategies including
      • concepts behind the content,
      • connections within the course, and
      • conveying those concepts and connections;
  • Sample multiple-choice video(s) highlighting 5 questions per reporting category from the accompanying multiple-choice bank of questions;
  • Ancillary materials include Multiple-Choice Questions, Teacher Notes, and a Student Galaxy of “Think Sheets”

Additional videos provide an overview of the blueprint of the exam, griddable questions, and additional multiple-choice questions.

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